Web styleguide

Bond University web guidelines permit considerable design and copy writing flexibility while ensuring consistent visual experience and writing style across all Bond University websites. 

Website objective

Create simple, clean and engaging website with preference towards imagery over excessive textual content. Provide content that is more user targeted by splitting content into 5 user categories. Provide easy access to lower levels of navigation via mega menu. Provide extensive search functionality for more personalised user experience.

Website information architecture

The structure of the Bond University website aims to cater for different types of audiences so that users can focus on the material dedicated specifically to them without being distracted by content that is not in their area of interest.

Information dedicated to other user groups is still accessible at all times via the user group selection menu at the top of the page.

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Visual guidelines

Bond University website Visual Guidelines have been developed to permits considerable design flexibility while preserving key interface and branding elements that complement Bond University visual identity. These user-oriented interface elements create a minimal but consistent set of conventions across all university websites.

Bond University main website at bond.edu.au incorporates the styles and standards described in the Visual Guidelines.

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Writing for the website

Writing and editing for the web are not the same as for print. Considering short attention span of web users, writing should be to the point and consistent in style. Use of keywords and Search Engine Optimisation rules should also be taken into consideration.

Copy writing guidelines